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Almeda 4.jpeg

Almeda Textile, Adwa, Tigray. December 2020, (Click Here)

Adwa Banks 3.jpeg

Adwa Bank, Adwa, Tigray. January 2021, (Cick Here)

Abiy Addi Truck.jpg

 Abiy Adiy,Tigray Undated, December 2020, (Click Here)

Africa Hotel Shire.jpeg

Africa Hotel, Humera, Tigray. Undated. (Click Here)

Brana Hotel.jpg

Brana Hotel, Axum,Tigray. December 2020, (Click Here)

Humera .jpeg

Humera, December 2020, (Click Here)


Kelakil .jpeg

 Kelakil, Tigray. January 2021, (Click Here)

Messebo Cement Factory trucks looted AFT

Messebo Cement Factory. Mek'ele, Tigray. February 2021, (Click Here)

Wukro 3.jpg

Wukro, December 2021, (Click Here)

Smayata dimensional stones factory WUKRO

Semayat Dimensional Stones Factory, Wukro, Tigray. February 2021, (Click Here)

Sheba Leather Factory (1).jpeg

Sheba leather Factory, Wukro, Tigray. February 2021, (Click Here)

Copy of Civilian structures in Shire tow

Zenith Hair oil Factory, Apartment building, Gebar Shire Hotel, Dejena Hotel surrounding Buildings in Shire,Tigray. November,2020. HRW (Click Here

Dejena Hotel Shire.jpg

Dejena Hotel, Shire, Tigray. November 2020 (Click Here)

News 455.jpg

Tigray Municipality, Destroyed and looted,Adigrat , Tigray. April 2021, (Click Here)

Giba-Mek'ele water supply development, Mek'ele, Tigray. May 2021, (Click Here)


Private Properties, Kola Tembien, Tigray. July 2021, (Click Here)

Planet Hotel, Mekelle, Tigray. Oct. 2021, (Click Here)

6A building, Adigrat, Tigray. Feb. 6, 2021, (Click Here)

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