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Wukro Maray Primary Hospital Entrance

Wukro Maray Primary Hospital, Near Axum, Tigray. March 2021, MSF (Click Here)

Selek-leka Health Center .jpeg

SelekLeka Primary Hospital,Seleh Leha, Tigray. February 2021. Click Here

Negash Health Center 3.jpeg

Negash Health Center, Negash, Tigray next to Negash Āmedīn Mesgīd. December 2020

Click Here

Debre Abay, MSF.jpg

Debre Abay Clinic, North-western Tigray Near Debre Abay Monastery. March 2021, MSF ( Click Here)

Adwa Hospital 4.jpeg

Adwa General Hospital, Adwa, Tigray. February 2021. OCHA  (Click Here)


Adigrat General Hospital, Adigrat, Tigray. February 2021, OCHA ( Click Here)

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